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Long-term loans are designed to help you spread the cost of repayments for personal loans over a longer period of time. Most unsecured personal loans can help you when you are faced with a financial emergency and need to borrow money.

A long-term loan helps you spread the cost of repayment over an extended period, up to 12 months or more. With Doddler, you can apply to borrow £100 to £5,000 over one month or 36 months.

We are a loan connection service that helps you find FCA-authorised direct lenders in the UK.

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Find Long-Term Loans Online with Doddler

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What is a Long-Term Loan?

Whether you need to apply for a 6 month loan to help with unexpected bills, home improvements, or vehicle repairs, Doddler may be able to match you with a lender who could then help you secure the funds you need in the form of a 6 month loan of £100 to £5,000.

You can even borrow money for up to 36 months if approved for a loan by one of our lenders, helping you get the money you need over a more manageable period of time to help you make your repayments.

If you find yourself dealing with a financial emergency like a broken down car or a leaky roof, a long-term loan may provide you with the financial help you need to get back on track in a more manageable manner, particularly when you need to borrow a few thousand pounds and larger loan amounts.

When all you want is to get back to life as usual, long-term loans could provide you with the sense of security you need.

From debt consolidation to home improvements, vehicle repairs, or unexpected bills, a long-term loan could help to ease your money worries.

When you need to find long-term loans, Doddler may be able to connect you to a lender that may offer the type of long-term loan you’re looking for.

What Can Long-Term Loans Be Used For?

People take out long-term loans in the UK for many different reasons. Often, a long-term loan will be sought out when a short-term loan is not suitable. For example, a long-term loan may be preferable if you need to borrow a larger amount of money and want to spread repayments over a longer period of time.

Some people find a long-term loan useful to consolidate their existing debts into a more manageable loan. In these scenarios, you can apply for £1,000 to consolidate multiple smaller debts. Then, the borrower can repay their consolidated debts and expenses over a much longer but more manageable period of time, making it less likely they will miss repayments and end up with a bad credit rating.

Other people use long-term loans to help them cover large expenses, such as ongoing home or garden improvements; car, van, or motorbike repairs; or any other large expense. Long-term personal loans help in these instances to ease the financial burden of larger expenses.

People choose to use their long-term loans for a wealth of different expenses, usually things that happen in times of financial emergency that are unexpected and not budgeted for. These unexpected bills may be business-related or personal, so some people choose to take out a long-term business loan.

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How Much Money Can I Borrow With a Long-Term Loan?

We are a loans connection service that may help connect you with a UK-based long-term loan lender. If connected, our FCA-authorised lenders may offer you a long-term loan.

With Doddler, you can apply for loans between £100 and £5,000 over a period of one month to 36 months. Some lenders in our network also offer £300 loans and £800 loans, which can be borrowed over a shorter or longer period of time.

It’s essential that you only ever borrow money that you know you can afford to pay back. This can prevent you from falling into a spiral of debt.

Begin your long-term loan application with Doddler.

Am I Eligible For a Long-Term Loan?

When you submit your application for a long-term loan, you must meet the specific eligibility criteria of each direct lender we work with.

Here is the three-step process to request a long-term loan. As a reminder, funding is not guaranteed.

  1. Fast Long-Term Loan Request: Confronted with unexpected expenses? can streamline your path to financial assistance. Start your long-term loan request by inputting some personal information using our online form. You can request up to £5,000, allowing you to manage unforeseen costs with ease.
  2. Discover Trustworthy Lender Connections: is dedicated to guiding you through possible lending options. We will try to connect you with a dependable direct lender from our network. While we cannot guarantee a connection, our team works diligently to help you uncover potential lending solutions.
  3. Long-Term Loan Finalisation: If you are approved, work with your lender to finalise the long-term loan application. You could receive funding as soon as the same day.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for long-term loans from our lenders, you may be made an offer for a loan of up to 36 months.

These eligibility checks usually involve taking a look at your past credit history and financial behaviour, as well as looking at your current income in order to ensure that borrowing long-term loans online won’t push you into more debt.

Each lender will consider your credit history, but having poor or bad credit doesn't prevent you from applying for a long-term loan.

Each FCA-authorised direct lender that we work with has its own specific eligibility criteria that applicants for a long-term loan must meet. However, the general criteria for being eligible to request to borrow a long-term loan online include:

Personal Information

Have proof of identification

Age verification

Be over the age of 18

Resident information

Be a resident of the UK

Bank Information

Have an active bank account

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Can I Get Long-Term Loans For Bad Credit?

It may still be possible to get long-term loans for bad credit in the UK. All lenders will take your credit rating into consideration when deciding whether or not you qualify for a long-term loan.

However, some lenders in our network may be willing to work with damaged credit applicants. These lenders may also take income into consideration when determining eligibility.

While having bad or poor credit history may make it more difficult to be accepted for a long-term loan, it doesn’t prevent you from requesting a loan.

Always make sure you consider other options that might be available to you before committing to taking out a long-term loan for bad credit.

Some people choose to ask their employer for an advance on their paycheck, sell unwanted or unused items for cash, or make use of their bank’s overdraft options rather than opting for a loan.

If you have decided that a long-term loan in the UK is the right option for you and your circumstances, then you can easily get started today with Doddler.

Are Long-Term Loans Secured?

Long-term loans in the UK are often secured loans. However, Doddler works with lenders that may provide unsecured long-term loans in the UK. This means that you don’t have to secure your loan with valuable assets like your home or vehicle. The lenders we work with may help borrowers get an unsecured long-term loan of up to £5,000 for up to 36 months.

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